A Passion for Excellence

Welcome to United Media Incorporated

In March 1994, your humble servant was part of a group of 15 African Journalists from ten countries selected by the United States Information Agency (USIA) to attend its famed Young African Leaders Project. This Visitors Program saw us blitzkrieg through 15 American States and over 30 cities in two months. When we got to Eugene in Oregon, I caused Professor Thomas Bivens of the Department of Journalism at the Oregon State University put down on paper the first steps of a project I have nursed these many years – invent a private media company. My vision was of United Media Incorporated, a massive media corporation. UMI would own a communications college, a publishing house with its own print shop, a broadcast unit, an advertising firm and eventually a giant communications consultancy.

Professor Bivens took one look at me, a wild African from outback Cameroon, and sketched the Blue UMI – Sunshine Logo. Today, years later, United Media Incorporated-Common Initiative Group (UMI-CIG) owns the franchise to the following publications in Cameroon: Postwatch Magazine, The Times, Daily Times, Business Times, and Today Newspapers. United Media Incorporated-CIG also owns the Cameroon Business Network, CBN, radio network. UMIT-TV is in the projects. It is not perfected yet but welcome to United Media Incorporated.

We welcome you with this paraphrase of these eternal lines from a newspaper in Grinnell, USA:

Friend, you now have a UMI-CIG product in your hands,

From this creation, words will fly abroad,

Not to perish on the waves of sound,

Not to vary from the writer’s hand,

But fixed in time, having been verified in proof.

UMI-CIG creations are Quality,

A continuous, never-ending commitment to improvement.



By Ntemfac Aloysius Nkong Ofege

Chairman – Delegate








P.O. Box 2154 Bamenda

Tel 237 7861200